Mirroma Workshop Participants Thursday Island

We have just started today and the workshop is going great. The Thursday Island mob are very excited and couldn’t help but comment that a black fella must’ve come up with the concept of Miromaa.

We got to customising Miromaa and entered in at least 5 word entries. It’s amazing just about all their custom labels and fields are in the different dialects of the Torres Strait languages. All five entries have sentences, translated and word for word!

Tomorrow, we will begin with multimedia recording etc, adding those to Miromaa and the dictionary, movie maker process.

In the breaks I have been talking with everyone about the traditional ways of the people here with their different islands and cultures. I am surrounded by lan

guage as they all help each other throughout the workshop.

There is a so much community support for the language and culture program they will be running in the schools.

I feel extremely privleged to be sitting here and welcomed by such beautiful and knowledgeable people.