The Queensland Studies Authority is calling for schools to join the trial of the P-12 Australian Indigenous languages syllabuses.

The QSA has developed Queensland’s first syllabuses in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Languages for schools to start using from 2011. The syllabus has been developed so that students will be able to study the languages associated with their own communities and local areas at school.

QSA states “the syllabuses offer a bridge for bringing Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities and schools together”.

“While there are similar syllabuses in other States, Queensland’s are unique by putting Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities at the front and centre of development and implementation.”

QILAC been in consultation with the QSA during the drafting of the syllabus and QILAC Members will continue to meet and consult with the QSA through its trail and implementation.

An important part of this consultation is around the key issues which will impact on the delivery of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander language programs in schools. These include:

  • community approval and control of language programs,
  • appropriate training for language teachers,
  • pay scales and career pathways, and
  • appropriate development of language resources for the programs.

QILAC member Leonora Adidi is on the Reference Group for the QSA. Faith Baisden is in the Critical Friends group for QSA.

For more information check the Queensland Studies Authority website.