Central Queensland Language Centre, Gidarjil

Central Queensland Language Centre Language Coordinator PH: 41307700 Fax: 41307777 Gidarjil Development Corporation. PO Box 2773 BUNDABERG  QLD  4670

Yugambeh Museum, Language and Heritage Research Centre

Yugambeh Museum, Language and Heritage Research Centre was established to collect evidence of the language, history and culture of the traditional Aborigines of the Yugambeh language region. The Centre has carried out research over the past 15 years, producing a dictionary of Yugambeh language and a number of teaching resources and exhibitions. The Centre has developed language […]

North Queensland Regional Aboriginal Corporation Language Centre

The area covered by the North Queensland Language Centre includes forty three Aboriginal languages over an area south to Sarina, west to Richmond and north to Mossman in North Queensland. While research has shown that only one of these groups has over 20 fluent speakers, several of the languages are now being revived as a […]

Korrawinga Aboriginal Corporation

Korrawinga Aboriginal Corporation began in 1972, when a group of women led by Decima Angeles, established a housing co-operative to meet the needs of the local Aboriginal people in the Hervey Bay area. Over the years since then the organisation has grown in strength and diversified the services it offers to the community. 

The preservation of […]