7-11 December 2008, Melbourne

WIPC:E is a triennial conference of international significance that attracts peoples from around the globe to celebrate and share diverse cultures, traditions and knowledge with a focus on world Indigenous education.

The purpose of WIPC:E is to provide a forum to come together, share and learn and promote best practice in Indigenous education policies, programs and practice.

To be hosted by the Victorian Aboriginal Education Association on the traditional lands of the Kulin Nation, Melbourne, Australia from 7th-11th December 2008, WIPC:E 2008 will be a celebration of our diverse cultures, traditions and knowledge.

It will provide us with the opportunity to showcase our efforts to provide educational experiences suitable to our individual and unique communities and will be a time to rejoice in our strengths and capacity to uphold our traditions and knowledge systems.

It will also be a chance to consider how we, as Indigenous people, would like to see education shaped into the future to meet our needs.

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