QILAC has been approached by Education Queensland staff enquiring about language resources that are appropriate for use in schools.

Our contacts are interested in two types of resources:
1. Resources that could be used in local language programs for on country language teaching as negotiated with the language community,
2. Resources for use in embedding Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander perspectives – These are resources that could be used state wide perhaps to teach a particular subject area, for example: music, geography, or maths.

If you have made resources that you would like Education Queensland to promote to Queensland schools and teachers, please send us:
* The name of the resource
* A few lines of information describing the resource
* Web link (if appropriate)
* Publisher/Creator
* Name of the language
* Region
* Contact person and contact details
* Price
* How the resource should be used

QILAC will compile lists of resources and forward them to relevant contacts at Education Queensland.


Queensland language resources