puliimamed1st & 2nd of April, 2009. Melbourne, Victoria

This year the forum aims to showcase technology which all has the potential to assist Indigenous Language programs. Technological tools will be explained through demonstrations, presentations and hands-on workshops.

The program should have something for everyone ranging from the use of basic equipment such as audio and video recorders, to computer based programs that support the teaching of languages and the production of resources.

The goal is to create a learning environment that not only exposes language workers to the various tools available to us, but also provides us with skills that will enable us to forge ahead in our language reclamation work.

Presentations are being invited from individuals, community organisations and other agencies. Organiser Daryn McKenny said, “We not only want to see the lastest advancements in using technology as a tool in supporting language activity, but we also strongly hope that participants will be able to learn IT skills, best practise and be exposed more closely to technology practises and benefits.”

Puliima means “Making Voice” , in the Awabakal language, so come along and make sure yours is heard!

Visit the Puliima Website to find out more.