The Genographic Legacy Fund aims to empower indigenous and traditional peoples on a local level while helping to raise awareness on a global level of the challenges and pressures facing these communities.

Support from the fund will be directed primarily toward education initiatives, cultural conservation, and linguistic preservation and revitalization efforts. Applicants must provide a record of current or prior work in support of indigenous education programs and/or cultural or linguistic conservation efforts.

The majority of the group responsible for project governance must be members of the indigenous community in which the project will be implemented. Projects are divided into two categories:

1) smaller, discrete projects that typically require amounts up to $25,000 and

2) more complex projects undertaken in conjunction with other entities, such as NGOs, local education institutions, or government agencies that require up to $100,000.

DEADLINES: June 15 and December 15, 2008

Forwarded by Daryn McKenny. Arwarbukarl Cultural Resource Association.